Friday, December 14, 2007

Dan Haren Traded

Dan Haren was traded to the Diamondbacks for six prospects. Six. The deal was centered around outfielder Carlos Gonzalez and first basemen Chris Carter, who was recently acquired in a trade with the White Sox. The other guys in the deal are 20 year-old LHP Brett Anderson, 22 year-old OF Aaron Cunningham, 24 year-old reliever Dana Eveland and 24 year-old LHP Greg Smith. The A's sent 26 year-old reliever Connor Robertson to the D-Backs to complete the deal. Seems like a pretty good deal for both teams. The D-Backs got a horse to go along with Brandon Webb in Dan Haren, who will light it up in the NL West. The A's had little chance to compete this year and could only afford Haren for two more years. Gonzalez and Carter both have a chance to become absolute studs and could be the cornerstones of the A's offense in a few years. According to Baseball America, Gonzalez was Arizona's top prospect, Brett Anderson was their #3 prospect, Cunningham #7 and Carter #8. Haren will help the Diamondbacks in the short run but selling the farm may hurt them long term.