Friday, December 14, 2007

A-Rod Richer Than God?

1994Seattle Mariners$442,333
1995Seattle Mariners$442,333
1996Seattle Mariners$442,334
1997Seattle Mariners$1,062,500
1998Seattle Mariners$2,162,500
1999Seattle Mariners$3,112,500
2000Seattle Mariners$4,362,500
2001Texas Rangers$22,000,000
2002Texas Rangers$22,000,000
2003Texas Rangers$22,000,000
2004New York Yankees$22,000,000
2005New York Yankees$26,000,000
2006New York Yankees$21,680,727
2007New York Yankees$22,708,525

Here are the Years to come

2008 $27M
2009 $32M
2010 $32M
2011 $31M
2012 $29M
2013 $28M
2014 $25M
2015 $21M
2016 $20M
2017 $20M

In his career that is about 435 Million Dollars

That's a little more than I have made