Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Royals Sign Mahay

According to Ken Rosenthal, the Royals have signed 36 year-old left-handed reliever Ron Mahay to a 2 year $8 million deal. The Yankees were the only other team in the running for Mahay. Although $8 million is a lot for a reliever, Mahay is an above average reliever and a lefty, something the Yankees currently do not have. Although having a lefty in the bullpen can be helpful I don't believe it is a necessity as others do. Would you rather have a good righty reliever facing David Ortiz in a big situation, or a mediocre lefty? Unfortunately for the Yankees, the only good righty in their bullpen is Mariano and they don't have any lefty's. Also, of the 4,217 relievers receiving spring training invites, none, to my knowledge, are left-handed.

Current LRP options:
  • Jeremy Affeldt. There were talks of him joining the Yankees, but now it seems unlikely
  • Trade for Pittsburgh's Damaso Marte if he can be had cheaply
  • Trever Miller. 34 year-old, most recently played for Houston. A league average pitcher; think a lefty LaTroy Hawkins
  • Ben Kozlowski. 27 year-old lefty in AAA posted a 3.00 ERA and 80 K's in 81 IP last year, but this is probably a stretch