Friday, December 14, 2007

The Viz to Sign With Rockies

Luis Vizcaino is about to sign with the Rockies. He made 77 appearances for the Yankees last year, and proved to be very inconsistent. He struck out 62 and posted an ERA of 4.30 (104 ERA+). The Rockies will be his fifth team in five years. His replacement, LaTroy Hawkins appeared in 62 games last year with and unimpressive 29 K's, while posting a 3.42 ERA (140 ERA+). The ERA looks good but was supported by an abnormally high GB rate of 63.3%. He's due for some regression. The Viz is probably a better pitcher then LaTroy, but since the Viz is a type B free agent the Yankees get a sandwich pick, or a pick between the first and second round. So if you look at it as if it were a trade, the Yankees, by getting LaTroy (at a lower price than the Viz and on a 1-year deal) along with a sandwich pick get the better end of the deal.
The Viz LaTroy