Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Yankees News and Notes

Some random Yanks notes that don't deserve their own post:
  • Dave Miley will be returning as the Scranton/Wilkes Barre manager
  • Mo finalized his 3 year, 45 $Million deal. I know it's a ridiculous contract but I'm happy to have him back
  • Mo also said that he admired Andy for coming forward. He urged anyone who has taken steroids to come forward (cough cough Clemens). Mo also said he was "naive" to the use of performance enhancing drugs in baseball
  • The Yankees fired their traveling secretary David Szen after he pleaded guilty to tax fraud and failed to report more than $50,000 in tips from players and coaches. Thats a butt load of tips
  • Top Prospect Alert has posted their Yankees Top Ten Prospects. Hmm... Chase Wright 8th? Do the Yankees have a second Chase Wright I don't know about?
  • Some quick Dominican League Notes courtesy of Pete Abe: Jose Veras has thrown 8.2 shutout innings. 13 K's is very good, but 4 BB's isn't. If he can control his stuff he will dominate.
  • Alberto Gonzalez is hitting .333 in 26 games at SS
  • Jonathan Albaladejo: In 27 games, 2.42 ERA, 27 K's vs. 8 BB's in 26 IP. I think this guy could be a good middle innings guy this year, but that could be because I've never seen him pitch