Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Brian McNamee Loses More Credibility

As if Brian McNamee wasn't a bad enough source already, St. Petersburg, Fl., detectives say they believe McNamee lied to them in a 2001 investigation of a possible rape. This does nothing but help Roger Clemens' cause. Whether he is innocent or guilty is impossible to tell right now, but if this went to court, Clemens would be found innocent because the evidence against him right now is the testimony of one man, and that man is someone who has lied in the past, possibly raped someone. That is not very good evidence. Also, it seems to me that Brian McNamee needs some medical attention. He seems to be in a very bad state right now and needs help. Hopefully all of this will make sense one day and the truth will come out, but it looks like it will be later rather than sooner.