Sunday, January 27, 2008

Joba Better Than Laptop Boy

In ESPN's "Heaters" series, they compare young players, and in this particular one, Jerry Crasnick compares Joba and Laptop Boy. Unless you are new to this country or are Buster Olney, you probably already knew that Joba is better, but Crasnick asked nine scouts, and seven of them said they think Joba is better, too. Joba's fastball and slider measure close to 80 on the 20-80 scale, and his curve is in the 70's as well. After Crasnick explains that Joba is better, there are some responses, which just prove that Red Sox fans do not actually watch baseball games not played in Boston. For example:
Steve (Boston): While Joba has a great future ahead of him, I believe that Clay has better raw stuff. Joba has great velocity but does he have an out pitch as nasty as the Bucholz Curve?
Steve, do you watch baseball? Have you ever seen Joba Chamberlain pitch?

jeff(MD): Besides his fastball, Joba doesn't have anyother pitches as refined as Clay Buchholz. I'm sick and tired of listening to new yorkers over-rating their prospects.
Really Jeff? No. Not really.