Thursday, January 10, 2008

Yankees Doc Says: Clemens Didn't Do It

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By Matt Musil / 11 News Sports

Dr. Fran Pirozzolo started his sports psychology practice in the mid-1980s.

He's counseled many big name athletes since then. He was the Astros team psychologist when Darryl Kile pitched his no-hitter and he worked with the Texans the team’s first four years.

However, from 1996 thru 2002, Pirozzolo was with the Yankees. Moreover, for three seasons he lockered beside Roger Clemens.

“I was with him a lot and I never saw anything illicit take place,” Pirozzolo said.

He said he used to play golf and workout with Clemens. He even took injections of B-12 and painkiller at the same time as him.

But he never saw anything involving steroids.

“Because of our close relationship, I would think he would have shared that with me, like some young players did,” said Pirozzolo. “And I would always tell them no.”

Pirozzolo maintains when Pettitte says he took human growth hormone, he was actually rehabbing at Yankee headquarters in Tampa:

“If he had any idea it was illegal, he wouldn't have done it,” said Pirozzolo. “That guy, he's so straight, he wouldn't even drink Red Bull.”

Pirozzolo says he knew of Brian McNamee when he was with the Yankees, but he never spent much time with him. The two people he did spend a lot of time with were Clemens and Pettitte. He said he developed a great deal of respect for their integrity and their work ethic. It’s a respect that he maintains today.

Now Clemens has at least one person backing him up