Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Yankees Out on Santana (Again)?

Pete Abe said this morning that he finds it hard to believe the Yankees will re-enter the Johan Santana sweepstakes. This is of course pure speculation, as is most of the Santana-related news. However, I think this is a fairly safe assumption to make and am pleased by that fact. Although it would be nice to have Johan on our team, he is not worth the price. I don't see him going anywhere until at least the trade deadline, although he has stated that he will veto any deal after the season begins.

Found this over at Replacement Level: It is a very interesting study on the tendencies of Chien-Ming Wang.


Ethan Michaels said...

And now Hank makes it sound like they're back in! This is a circus. I hope the Twins have mercy on us and put it to an end already.

Ethan Michaels