Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Yu Darvish Could Be Posted

Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish could be posted, according to Sankei Sports, as translated by MLBTR. His team, the Nippon Ham Fighters are willing to post him, should he ask to play in the majors. Nobody is sure if that means this year or next. His posting fee is expected to be greater than Dice-K's $51 million. The Yankees have already expressed interest, as I mentioned in this post. If the price is going to be that high, then I am firmly against this move. First of all, Japanese pitchers rarely live up to expectations. I think we give Japanese league hitters more credit than they deserve. Watch the video at the bottom of this post, and tell me if you are as unimpressed as I am. He looks like a good pitcher, but not a dominating one. If you are going to pay well over $50 million just to talk to a guy, he has to be dominating, and that has to be a sure thing. He could be a major league number three, maybe even a two (although I doubt it), and a guy like that isn't worth all that money. Based on Dice-K's Japan highlights as compared to Darvish, Dice-K looked better. A lot better, and he wasn't all that impressive last year. If the Yankees are going to pay a pitcher that kind of money, then it should either be used on the draft or on C.C. Sabathia.