Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Shelley's Slide Latest Episode In Fierce Yanks-Rays Rivalry

The Yankees lost to the (Devil) Rays today 7-6, but the bigger story was the Yankees' retaliation for Elliot Johnson's collision at home plate with Francisco Cervelli. Shelley Duncan hit what should have been a single, but it trickled around a bit in foul territory and Shelley rounded first hard, but he was still out by about five feet, and slid spikes up into Akinori Iwamura, driving his foot into Aki's thigh. He was immediately ejected, and Jonny Gomes ran in from right field and kind of half-tackled, half-fell on Shelley. Shelley is okay, but Jonny is kind of pissed, and probably has about eight broken ribs. To sum it all up, I love Shelley Duncan. I hope he makes the team, just so we can all hear his quotes and watch him strike fear into opponents.


DisabledMess said...

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Charlie said...

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Anonymous said...

Way to go. Support a man who intentionally slid - spikes up - into a player on a team with which your favorite team has been in a childish argument over the merits of proper play during spring training.

A guy trying to make his team by doing what would be done in any ordinary game at home plate and an automatic regular hustling with the intent to injure are hardly the same thing. Playing hard is not, and will never be, equal to playing dirty.

Congratulations, you have further solidified my theory that every single Yankees fan in the world is an immature, classless excuse for a sports fan.