Sunday, April 13, 2008

I Love the Yankees

As most of you know there have been reports that a Red Sox t-shirt was buried in concrete below the new Yankee Stadium. No need to fear Yankee fans that team has acted on the situation and it is done. The Yankees unearthed the rag after five hours of digging. Hal had this to say "I hope his co-workers kick the [expletive] out of him".

Earlier this week, a construction worker who is a Red Sox fan working on the concrete crew at the $1.3 billion new Yankee Stadium buried a Red Sox shirt in with the concrete foundation, in the hopes of jinxing the New York Yankees' new home, the Post reported. The newspaper reported Sunday that two workers approached a construction manager with what they thought was the location of the jersey. After digging a two-foot by three-foot, the jersey was found. "They absolutely pinpointed that if it was in the ground, that's where it was," Yankees spokeswoman Alice McGillion told the newspaper. The Yankees may pursue a lawsuit against the worker.      



Jen said...

I'm sure it takes a lot more to curse the Yanks than a silly shirt. Trust me, I'm a Cubs fan. We know curses.

Just kidding of course. I can't believe the Yankees actually had it "exhumed"!