Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Jeter, Posada Banged Up

Jorge Posada has a "dead" shoulder, and could hit the DL, meaning the veteran Chad Moeller will be called up to replace him. Derek Jeter, as you all know, injured his quad last night. They Yankees say that he will not hit the DL, but Pete Abraham reports that Alberto Gonzalez was pulled from tonight's game. Abraham says this as if it is a fact that Alberto will join the Yankees soon, but that would require a Jeter DL stint, or a demotion/DFA of someone (one of Betemit/Duncan/Ensberg/Traber/Ohlendorf). If Jeter and Posada are out for two weeks or so, that is a major problem. Some have suggested that A-Rod move to short in the meantime, with Ensberg at third. This is obviously better offensively speaking than A-Rod at third and AG at short. However, this would probably only be successful if A-Rod could make a successful return to short, a position he hasn't played in five years.