Thursday, April 10, 2008

Live Blog: Yankees At Royals 4/10

Heres the lineups

Damon LF
Cabrera CF
Rodriguez 3B
Posada DH
Matsui RF
Molina C
Cano 2B
Ensberg 1B
Gonzalez SS
Pettitte LHP

Notes: Interesting Matsui in right who has only played there four times for the Yankees. Just thought you guys should know that the Yankees are 11-66 with runners in scoring position on the season and are 1-13 this series.

Nate here now. I'll be doing the liveblog tonight. Please if your reading this give us your input in the comments section.

A bit of an odd lineup today. Good to see Jorge back, although not at catcher. He played long toss today, and Derek Jeter should return relatively soon.

1st inning: Yanks go 1-2-3, making John Bale look like the great pitcher that he is. WE: 40.9.
Rough inning for Pettitte, hopefully he'll turn it around. Morgan Ensberg showed us the value of defense at first. WE: 35.4

2nd inning: The Yankees managed to baserunners, but Morgan Ensberg showed off his superior batting eye by taking called strike three. I'm really starting to get annoyed at this offense. WE: 30.6 Tony Pena Jr. is now 0 for his last 21. He would fit right in with the Yankees. Oh, wait, he plays good defense. Nice inning for Pettitte, though. WE: 34.8

3rd inning: Hey, a run! Melky hit a homer to left-center, despite not putting a great swing on the ball. A-Rod followed by not hitting a homerun, and instead grounding to third. WE: 41.8 In the bottom of the inning Pettitte got in trouble again, but got a DP ball to end it. WE: 47.8- It keeps on climbing.

4th inning: Two straight hits to start the inning. Is that allowed? Molina grounds into a DP, but Posada scores from third. 2-1 Yankees. Cano pops up the first pitch. WE: 54.6- damn right. The tarp is now on the field, despite no rain. Ken Singleton mentioned that there is a thunderstorm watch in the area. I guess that means Pettitte is done, which sucks, because the bullpen had to pitch five last night, and will likely pitch more tonight. Can you say Joba for two? WE: 55.1

RAIN DELAY........9:24-9:43
(this is now Charlie)

OK now the tarp is off it seems the game is starting. Horrah.

4th inning part 2: It seems Pettitte will continue pitching since he is on the mound after the deley and he comes back in with a runner on first and one out. Pettitte picks off Alex Gordon who was on first two down. Gload grounds out to Cano to end the inning. WE: 67.6%

Fifth Inning: Morgan Ensberg leads off the fifth with a nice single up the middle. Gonzalez sac bunts to move Ensburg into scoring position and there is now one out. Damon gets an infield single to to the shortstop and their are now runners on first and third one out. If we don't get a run here I will chase Melky all the way back to Santo Domingo. The Melkman delivers (fuck you John Sterling) and the Yanks lead 3-1. In the meantime, Hideo Nomo's ghost is warming in the bulllpen. Yanks get another run on a force at second. By the way this is Nate again. WE: 59.8 Another quick inning for Pettitte. He's cruising. WE: 85.6

Sixth Inning: Some bad news: Alan Horne left today's game in SWB due to a biceps injury. At least we still have Kei Igawa. Yankees strand a runner on third. WE: 83.6 Esteban German leads of the bottom of the sixth with a screaming line drive right at Pettitte, who snags it. Pettitte=Cat. 1-2-3 again- Vintage Andy. WE: 90.2%

Seventh Inning: Remember what you are doing right now, Hideo Nomo has made his triumphant return. He starts by giving up a hit to AG on the first pitch. Johnny Damon tried to completely ruin this inning, but only kind of ruined it, by beating out a DP ball. Hideo Nomo has cool sideburns. There I said it. Melky advances the runner on a crappy grounder. JOBA!! is warming up in the bullpen. Joba and Nomo in the same game, does it get any better? Nomo walks A-Rod. He walks Posada too, and now the entire continent of Asia watches as Nomo faces Matsui. Godzilla vs. The Tornado- coming soon to a theater near you. The Tornado wins. His sideburns were just too much, as Matsui pops out, bringing much dishonor to his household. WE: 83.8 Pettitte comes back out, and gives up a leadoff hit to Billy Butler. I would guess if he gets in trouble Joba will come in. Andy gets a comebacker on a check swing from Alex Gordon, and gets the out at second, but AG's throw pulled Ensberg off the bag. Pettitte gets Gload to fly to center, and then exits. I'm assuming its Joba time. Joba gets John Buck to fly to center to end the inning. WE: 93.8

Eighth Inning: Yanks go fairly quietly, stranding one. WE: 96.2. Tony Pena Jr. leads off with a hard liner that Cano boots. AG gets the force at second on Gathright grounder. Joba K's German, making him look stupid. Teahan singles on a hit and run. First and third, 2 out. Joba whiffs Guillen on a 99 MPH heater. WE: 97.1

Ninth Inning: Two outs, then A-Rod goes A-Gone, tying Bobby Murcer on the Yankees home run list. Jorge follows up with a homer of his own. Finally some offense. Nomo gets Matsui again. WE: 96.5 Not a save situation, but Mo is in anyway. A-Rod makes a nice play to get Butler. He's a good baseball player. Gordon pops up to AG. 1 out away. Gload singles, so now we have to keep hearing about that annoying hitting streak. Miguel Olivo in for John Buck. Damon makes the catch a few feet in front of the track to improve to 5-5.

Boston tomorrow.


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