Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Live Blog: Yankees At Royals 4/9

Heres the lineup 

Damon DH
Cano 2B
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui LF
Giambi 1B
Molina C
Cabrera CF
Gonzalez SS
Kennedy RHP Brian Bruney RHP
Notes: Jorge has been diagnosed with a shoulder strain and should only be out for a few days. Morgan Ensberg injured his left ankle on Monday, and he most likely will be placed on the 15 day DL. The Captain might also be heading to the DL. Thanks to Pete Abe for all the news. Also Shelley Duncan was optioned to Triple-A Scranton.  


First Inning: Damon leads off the game with a walk. Cano then grounds into a 6-4-3 double play now the red hot Abreu steps up to the plate. Abreu grounds out to short to end the inning. WE: 54%

Bottom One. Bruney bare hands a ground ball hit back to him (like a true man) and throws out the speedy Gathright. Mark Grudzielanek, (only gonna spell that once from now on he is Mike G.) hit a long foul ball off the Bru crew (he is a one man crew). UPDATE: I.P.K. did not start because the rain is coming and did not want to waste him. Those tricky Yankees. Mark G. hits a broken bat ground ball to Gonzalez. The rain starts coming down and it looks like the Yankees were right. Teahen walks. Bruney strikes out Guillen to end the inning. The Bru crew is looking pretty good so far. WE: 53.3%   

Second Inning: It is really pouring now in Kauffman stadium as A-Rod grounds out to third. Matsui and Giambi both ground out to end the inning. By the looks of this rain this game is going to get called. WE: 53.3% 

Bottom Two. Leading off the second for the Royals is Billy Butler who hits a nice double to left field. The third baseman Alex Gorden, former teammate of Joba at Nebraska, and strikes out swinging. Everyone know Brain Bruney is strengthened by the rain which is really coming down now. The Bru crew strikes out Gload for his third strikeout of them game. Billy Traber is warming in the bullpen. Bruney strikes out Buck to strike out the side. 36 pitches in two innings, it is really not pretty. WE: 53.3%

Third Inning: Molina leads off for the Yankees in the top of the third with a nice double. Melky pops out to the second baseman and does not move the runner over, one out. Gonzalez files out to right to make two outs. Damon strikes out to end the inning and leaves a runner at second. WE: 53.3%

Bottom Three. Coming in for the Yanks to pitch is the lefty Billy Traber. Tony Pena Jr. grounds out to third. The speed demon Gathright steps up and stikes out. Whew I love relievers who can get outs maybe you can learn from Billy, Farnsworth. Mark G. gets a broken bat single to right. Teahen walks after working the count to 3-2. Trabers tripped into trouble but alliteration aside lets see what happens. Gullien lines out to left to end the inning. WHEW. WE:52.3%

Fourth Inning: I really hope the Yankees don't bring in the Farns. I would rather watch  eight straight hours of the Jerry Springer Show (which the Frans appeared on with his wife/cousin). OK that's a little too far, just because he has a red neck does not mean he is a hick. Anyway Cano grounds out to Tony Pena Jr. to start off the inning. DAMN IT THE FARNS (in all his studlyness) IS WARMING UP. Why does this happen to me, meanwhile Abreu flies out to left for the second out. A-God lines one into the gap and stretches it into a two out double. Matusi walks to make it first and second two outs. Giambi pops it out to third in foul grounds. According to Ken Singleton "It is not raining runs here" and I have to say.....I have nothing to say. WE: 51%  

Bottom Four. Billy Butler grounds it to A-God who makes a sick play to get the out. Oh yea FARNSWORTHLESS IS IN (SHIT). Gorden hits a loop single to right where Abreu slides and gets the ball on a hop. MOLINA nails Gorden on a attempted steal. GRAB SOME PINE MEAT. The Farns then strikes out Gload. Good inning for the Farns. WE: 52.9

Fifth Inning: Molina pops out to left to kick this fifth inning off. Melky pops out to second for the second out. A-Gon hits a deep ball to left field for a double and his second major league hit. Damon strikes out to end the inning. WE: 51.5%

Bottom Five. I.P.K. is warming up. The Farns gives up a HUGE home run to John Buck that went all the way to the centerfield waterfall. Tony Pena Jr. tries to bunt but A-Rod makes a nice play to get him out. T.P.J. is now 0 for his last 20 at bats. Gathright now tries to lay down a bunt and he succeeds. Gathright steals second and that is his 6th stolen base, Molina almost got him. Gathright now tries to steal third but Jose puts him back in place and guns him down. Two down and on that pitch Mark G. walked. Now the Farns walks Teahen. Damn Farnswoth gives up an RBI single to Gullien and now the score is 2-0 KC and runners are on first and third. Butler grounds out to Cano and he flips it to second to end the inning. To summarize that inning in two words: FARNSWORTH SUCKS. WE: 23.2%

Sixth Inning: Cano leads off the sixth and lines a single over the head of the shortstop. Lets get some runs now boys. Abreu now grounds into a double play. A-Rod ends the inning by grounding out to third. WE: 27.7 

Bottom Six. I.P.K. comes in now in the bottom of the 6th inning, crazy huh? I.P.K. walks Alex Gorden. Gload hits a deep ball to left out to the reach of Matsui and Gorden scores. Gload gets a RBI double. Now John Buck gets a single but the runners hold. Runners on first and third no outs. The young Irishman Ian is in trouble. T.P.J. hits a slow roller to A-Gon who flips to second and they can only get one. T.P.J. is now 0-21. Another run scores Royals lead 4-0. Gathright lines out to center for the second out. Mike G. grounds out to A-Rod to end the inning. I have just realized it is hard for the Yankees to win if they don't SCORE RUNS. WE: 5.3%

Seventh Inning: Godzilla leads off by hitting a hard deep liner to right which is caught on the backpedal. The Giambiano lifts a high ball to center caught by Gathright. Molina grounds out to second to end the inning. WE: 6.3%

Bottom Seven. Why am I still doing this. No one is reading but I have commitment thats right America I will not start something I can not finish, expect for a sandwich then I will save the rest for later. OK I.P.K. comes out for his second inning of work and Ks Teahen with a 3-2 change-up. Gullien lifts a high ball to Godzilla who gets it. Two down and the mighty Billy Butler at the plate who walks. Now Alex Gorden steps in who strikes out. If the Yankees want to win they need to score runs..I know thats a bold statement but thats how I feel. WE: 3.4%

Eighth Inning: The Melk Man leads off with a single. A-Gon grounds into a double play to kill all of my hope of a comeback. Right after I say that Damon hits a two out double to right...shesh. Cano grounds out to second to end the inning. WE: Small.

Bottom Eight. Gload grounds out to second. John Buck grounds out to short. Now T.P.J. is up at the plate and he strikes out and it is now 0-22. WE: Smaller

Ninth Inning. This is the Yankees last chance to score some runs. Abreu digs in and get a broken bat ground out to second and goes 0-4 tonight which is not good for my fantasy team. A-Rod hits a line drive off the glove of Pena and is ruled a base hit. Gozilla walks. One out first and second and Trey Hillman is bringing in Jimmy Gobble. When we come back it will be Giambi vs. Gobble. Giambi pops out to the third basemen Gordon and he too goes 0-4 on the night. WHY CAN WE NOT HIT WITH RUNNERS IN SCORING POSITION? Molina strikes out swinging to end the game.


Well thats all folks. There is my live blog chock full of poor analysis, numerous spelling and grammatical errors, and vulgar language. My liveblog record this year is 1-1 put that in your pipe and smoke it Nate.