Monday, April 21, 2008

Should We Be Worried?

No. No we should not. The Yankees are currently 10-10, fourth place in the AL East. They have scored 84 runs and allowed 93. Their team line in Avg/OBP/SLG is .265/.334/.425. All of those things are very bad. Fun Fact: It's April 21st. None of those things really matter right now. Sure, it's frustrating, but the Yankees won't finish with the 81-81 record they are on pace for. The Yankees have a lot of guys underachieving right now, who are bound to pick up. Robinson Cano is currently playing below replacement level. Robbie has a career .307/.340/.478 line and is currently 25 years old. He'll pick up. Jorge Posada will be back soon. Basically, there is no way this lineup will continue to hit at a pace of 4.2 runs/game. Pitching will most likely be the Yankees weak point all year, but there's no way it will be this bad. The Yanks currently have three pitchers below replacement level (Moose, Hughes and IPK). Not that any of those guys are guaranteed to be great (though we hope so for Hughes and Kennedy), but there's no way they will be this bad all year (even Moose). There's no way of putting it nicely, all three of those guys have been awful this year, but Hughes and Kennedy have FIPs (fielding independent pitching) below their ERA's, suggesting that they are also having some bad luck. Hughe's FIP is almost five points below his ERA, Kennedy's is 4.68 points below. Those two guys should pick up and be average to good pitchers. Mussina may very well be done, but if he can be league average until Joba is ready to replace him, the Yankees should be in good shape.