Monday, June 16, 2008

All Star Ticket Pre-Sale Today

UPDATE: I have just received and e-mail telling me that the All-Star Game has been SOLD OUT.....I got on line at 10, when the pre-sale started and I was still unable to get ticket for it......CRAZY. There goes 7+ hours of my life.  


UPDATE (3:09): Five hours later still nothing. 

All Star Game ticket pre-sale begins today and for two and a half hours I have been dozing in front of my computer screen just waiting for my pre-sale password. I already have tickets to the celebrity softball game and that is all that I really want to see (sarcasm). P-Diddy (or Diddy or Puff Daddy whatever you want to call that hooligan) swinging at an oversized ball is not what i had in mind for my All-Star break.