Saturday, June 14, 2008

BIG NEWS: USA TODAY says MLB wants to Adopt Instant Replay by Augest

I thought that this would never happen but USA Today is reporting that the MLB is trying to adopt instant replay as soon as August 1st. Here is the story:

Major League Baseball wants to implement instant replay by Aug. 1, according to two high-ranking officials from the World Umpires Association.

The officials said MLB approached the umpires Wednesday to request that replay be used on “boundary calls,” which include whether a home run clears an outfield wall or if a potential home run is fair or foul…

Not only must the issue be bargained between the two sides, but details would have to be worked out, such as whether replays would be originated by umpires or from a manager’s request or challenge, what video feeds would be available and whether calls would be made by an umpire on site or at a central command center.

Tell us what you think should happen in the comments.