Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hank The Tank Can Write???

Our Friends over at
Tirico Suave have a great article about Hank the Tank running here it is:

From Newsday via the Posterboy comes perhaps the greatest nugget of news any of us here at
 Tirico Suave have heard in our short existence: come September, Hank Steinbrenner will be penning HIS OWN COLUMN for the Sporting News. I don’t what he’s going to write about, but I have the absolute utmost faith that whatever he puts together will be the 
greatest combination of words ever assembled on a sheet of paper. Maybe he’s posturing himself to become Deadspin’s new editor. Although according to Newsday’s writeup, he’ll only be writing about once a month. Wait….he’s an egotistical asshole, thinks he knows everything about sports, and will only be writing once every 30 days….why doesn’t he just join our staff?