Monday, June 9, 2008

Which Draftees Have Signed?

So the Yankees made 50 draft picks last Thursday and Friday, which have signed thus far? None. Okay, but which ones are close, or have said they want to sign? Here's the list:
6th round pick Brett Marshall, a Texas righty out of HS is close to signing
4th round pick Corban Joseph, a HS shortstop says he is ready to sign
3rd round pick David Adams, a second baseman out of UVA is also ready
2nd round pick Scott Bittle, a reliever out of Ole Miss wants to sign
11th round pick Raymond Kruml is a senior, so he has to sign
Zach Greinke's brother is willing to sign
10th round pick DJ Mitchell, a RHP from Clemson is willing to sign, but he wants more money than most 10th rounders get
8th round pick Daniel Brewer (CF) will sign
13th rounder Jack Rye is also a senior, so he'll sign
35th rounder Andrew Shive will sign
21st pick Mitch Delaney will also sign

I hope you are all thoroughly bored by that list.