Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Yankee Fans Boo Sun

What's hot in New York these days? Not the Yankees who are still playing .500 ball. Instead it is the blasted heat wave that terrorized the city over the past couple of days. Temperatures reached over 100ยบ over the past few days.

And Imagine sitting out in the sweltering heat on Monday at Yankee Stadium, watching your not so good Yankees lose to an even worse Royals team. It would probably put you in the following state of mind that people collectively booed the sun. Fans showed their approval when a cloud moved in front of the sun durning the 5th inning but booed the moment the sun returned.

Now Yankees fans have booed the one thing that supports almost all life on Earth via photosynthesis and drives the Earth's climate and weather. Yankees fans stood up and said to that "You sir, are a douchebag".

Here is a little video evidence.