Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Yanks Have Some Moves to Make

As I am sure you all know, the Yankees will play the Mets in a gimmicky home and home doubleheader on Friday. Due to this, the Yankees will need to call up Sir Sidney Ponson. There are a few moves the Yankees can make to clear a spot on the roster for Sir Sidney:
  • DFA Chad Moeller. Jorge has been back for three weeks now, and it doesn't seem like the Yankees need to carry three catchers anymore
  • Send down Justin Christian. He probably won't be on the roster long anyway.
  • DFA LaTroy Hawkins. We all know he sucks, and the move is probably inevitable, so why not Friday?
My choice would be Hawkins. All three of those moves will happen in the near future, but Moeller may actually be helpful this weekend, since the Yanks will play four games in three days. Christian should probably stay on the roster until Damon and Matsui are healthy, so it looks like it will be Hawkins. 


kansasblogger said...

The Yankees have some work to do, no matter who they call in. I would like to see Mo in a little more, if he could take a minute from advertising Purple drink.