Sunday, July 13, 2008

Andy's Got It Right

After another frustrating loss in Canada today, this one a 4-1 loss to AJ Burnett, who was dominant, Andy Pettitte had this to say:

“If we want to make the playoffs we’ve got to be better,” said Andy Pettitte. “We stink right now for the most part. As a team we’ve kind of stunk it up lately.”

For right now, at least, Andy Pettitte is one hundred percent right. The Yankees are 50-45, and really are not showing any signs of getting better. That's not to say they cannot improve, but they're not playing like a team that's about to go on a run. They have a 24 run differential, which is right in line with their current record, so we can't chalk this up to bad luck. As Andy said, if they want to make the playoffs, they will have to start playing better.