Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bleacher Creatures

Tonight Nate and I are going to the game are going to be sitting among the Bleacher Creatures. That's right, we are headed to section 39 for tonight's game. I have not sat in the Bleachers before and I am very excited for the roll call. If you are a little cloudy of your bleacher creature history then check out the wikipeida

Bleacher Creatures: The Bleacher Creatures are a group of fans of the New York Yankees, who occupy sections 39 and 37 of Yankee Stadium's right-field bleachers. A prominent aspect of the Bleacher Creatures atmosphere is their use of a number of chants and songs, the most famous one being the Roll Call, which is done at the beginning of every game. Often, the opposing team's right fielder, who stands right in front of the Creatures, is a victim of jeers and insults.



Michael said...

ill be there too! look for the super stache!

ElComedulce said...

The Giambi Mustache Squad will be there.