Sunday, July 20, 2008

Pete Abe Interview

Pete Abraham is a beat writer for the Yankees and he was courteous enough to answer some of our questions in an Interview. Here is is (Pete answers are in italics):

1. How is the atmosphere in the clubhouse this year as compared to previous years when the Yankees had more success?

I don’t think the atmosphere has changed much. The Yankees are a little younger this season than they have been in the past, so it’s a little looser and a little louder. The mood generally revolves around Jeter, Posada, Damon and the older guys.

2. What do you think would be the players’ response if the Yankees signed Barry Bonds?

I think the response wouldn’t be good, Signing Bonds would be a media circus and every player would be asked how he felt, etc. I don’t know that the Yankees have any personal opinions on Bonds. Outside of LaTroy Hawkins and Dan Giese, I don’t think any of the guys have played with him.

3. Do you get the feeling the players want Brian Cashman to make a big trade at the deadline, or do they feel that they will be okay with the players they have now?

It would obviously depend on the player. It’s hard to answer that question without knowing who the player is and what they would give up to get him. I don’t get the sense that the players are demanding a trade.

4. Young players such as Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy and Melky Cabrera have struggled this year, causing some fans to lose confidence in them. It appears that the front office wants to stick with them, but what are the players’, especially the veterans’, feelings about the youngsters?

Until a rookie proves himself, they’re all the same in the eyes of the veterans. They’re sort of there until they deserve otherwise.

5. What is the hardest part of being a beat writer for the Yankees

There’s nothing that is hard necessarily. It can be a challenge to get people you need on the phone when you’re working on a story away from the park. Flight delays suck, that’s an issue sometimes.

6. What do you think the Yankees chances of making the playoffs this year?

I wrote before the season that I didn’t think they would make it and I haven’t seen much to change my mind. If anything, things have gotten worse with the injuries to the pitchers.

7. Is there any information or story you have collected as a beat writer about a player that is funny or not know by the public?

Not really, anything that I would be comfortable sharing, I have published in the paper or on the blog. Mike Mussina is a really good guy who says a lot of funny things. I think sometimes people get the wrong impression of him.

8. What do you think of the Yankees knocked down the stadium. What would you do different?

I think they need a new stadium; I wouldn’t do anything different. I do think they’ve done an awful job of celebrating the final year of the old stadium. I was hoping there would be some special guests to throw out the first pitch, sing the National Anthem, etc. It’s been pretty boring outside of the All-Star Game and MLB ran that.

9. If you were the GM would you sign Barry Bonds because of the setbacks that Damon and Matsui are encountering?

No, no, a thousand times no. His OBP was inflated by 48 IBBs last season, which was a product of San Francisco’s awful lineup. Plus, he’s old and presumably off whatever drugs he was on. The Yankees need young players who could develop, not old guys trying to recapture their glory.

10. What do you think is the root of the trouble that Robinson Cano is having at the plate?

The Yankees do not have a very experienced coaching staff. A guy like Cano misses having     somebody like Larry Bowa or Don Mattingly around. Girardi seems to just have blind faith in the power of positive thinking. The old regime used to put some fear into kids.

11. Do you think the Yankees will make a blockbuster move before the trade deadline to improve their playoff chances?

Not a blockbuster, no. Cashman has made it pretty evident he’s not going to suddenly start throwing around his best prospects.

Thanks so much for your time Pete. This is part 2 of THE CHUCK KNOBLOG INTERVIEW EXTRAVAGANZA.
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Ross said...

Somehow Robinson Cano's struggles are Joe Girardi's fault.

Only Abraham could come up with that gem.

Anonymous said...

Peter Abraham is a blowhard. Countless times he has blasted Girardi for 'misleading' info, lying, etc.

Yet he is a die hard Pats fan, and he would take it up his fat, Rican-azz from Belichick in a heart beat.

He is one of the worst writers I have ever read. But I guess thats what you get when you read a newspaper that is getting its butt kicked in its own market.

Anonymous said...

He has a good blog which gets over a thousand comments daily. He doesn't pull stories out of his a** either like some bloggers (eg,whoever wrote bonds is going to the yankees).

Charlie said...

No said Bonds is going to the Yankees on this blog

we only said why the Yankees SHOULD sign bonds to benefit the team

can you read?

Anonymous said...

"can you read?"

can you? I didn't say anyone on this blog mentioned that. I am just saying he has a good blog opposed to other blogs (not necessarily this one) that make up stories.

Anonymous said...

Why can't a hitter's struggles be (partly) a manager's fault? I am not saying it is in this case, but it is not an outrageous suggestion. Hitting coaches should be able to help a good hitter. I was confused myself as to why Robby went like 1000 straight at bats without taking a first pitch.

Charlie said...

OK You should clarify before smear a blogs name.
On this blog we just did a few posts about Barry Bonds so i thought you were talking about us.