Saturday, July 26, 2008

Washburn to Yankees Close to Done

MLBTR is reporting that Washburn to the Yankees may be done within 48 hours. Olney suggests that the move is a salary dump with $13-14MM still owed to Washburn ($3-4MM in '08, $10.35MM in '09). I hope they dump Kei Igawa to the Mariners.


Mike said...

They just dumped a scrub in LaTroy, why bring in another?

Makes no sense, they don't need him. He's on his way to is 6th season of double digit losses.

Charlie said...

I agree

i am against the trade

Nate said...

He has a 3.03 ERA in his last 61.2 IP. He could be a league average innings eater, something Darrell Rasner probably can't do. This isn't a trade that needs to be made in my opinion, but I would do it if its just a salary dump.

Mike said...

It's beyond a salary dump.

Igawa is getting paid to lose games in the MINORS, no harm.

Washedup will come here and lose games in the MAJORS, big problem.

A few good weeks does not change the fact that he is a consistent double digit loser.

Nate said...

He loses a lot of games because the Mariners suck. Theoretically, the Yankees do not suck. ERA is a much better indicator of a pitcher's ability than than W-L record. Also, the back end of the Yankees rotation has Darrell Rasner and Sidney Ponson. I really don't believe Washburn could be worse than them. Again, I don't think this move is necessary because of guys like Wang, Hughes, Kennedy and Aceves, but I would be happy with a trade if it was only a salary dump.

Mike said...

Its not a salary dump its a salary swap.

Trading a minor league loser for a major league loser.


Nate said...

The Yankees aren't going to trade Igawa for Washburn, that was a rumor that has since been squashed. The Yankees will make this trade if the only thing they have to give up is salary relief.