Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Chuck Knoblog Contest FREE TICKETS

OK here is the deal. The Yankees are playing Orioles in Baltimore and I am giving away a free night's stay and 4 tickets to the Aquarium, the only thing you have to buy is the tickets to the game. I am going to throw out a trivia question and the first person who emails me at ceo108@gmail.com will win a free overnight stay in Baltimore at a one of the three Harbor Magic hotels and 4 tickets to the National Aquarium. Here is a little bit of info on the Harbor Magic Hotels and the Aquarium: 

National Aquarium in Baltimore (501 East Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland, 21202)
The National Aquarium was rated #1 for all Baltimore things to do and is a favorite attraction among visitors to the area. Home to over 16,000 animals, the Aquarium features habitats from around the world including Animal Planet Australia: Wild Extremes, an exciting dolphin show and a new 4-D Immersion Theater. The Aquarium’s location in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, which is in walking distance to the stadium, makes it easy to plan a visit before or after a game.

Hotel (Three locations in downtown Baltimore)
Harbor Magic Hotels consist of three unique boutique hotels located in and around Baltimore’s famous Inner Harbor. Each is delightfully different, yet all three are centered on delivering exceptional personalized visits that let you experience Baltimore as few others can.

Ok here is the question:

Who was pitching when pitcher Joe Niekro smacked his only homer, in 1976?