Sunday, August 31, 2008

Joel Sherman's Thoughts on 2009

Although I can't stand him Joel Sherman brings up a few good points in this article about the offseason.
  • He thinks the Yankees are going to make C.C. Sabathia an offer he can't refuse. This is probably a good thing. He`s about as good a free agent as their ever is. Regardless of what Mussina and Pettitte do they need Sabathia.

  • He thinks Shane Victorino would be a good fit for the Yankees. I agree. The only question is what it would take to get him. Anything less than Austin Jackson or Phil Hughes would be alright with me.

  • Some Yankees officials have discussed signing Sabathia and another top pitcher (A. J. Burnett is suggested) and trading away a few pitching prospects for a centerfielder or first baseman (Joey Votto is suggested). This is an interesting idea but it seems like the kind of thing you do in a video game. I think Burnett may be a backup plan if Sabathia can't be had.

  • He doesn't think Texiera is worth what he`s looking for. I don't think so either. His numbers are very good. However, they`re not truly elite. He`s not even close to being worth a ten year deal.

  • He speculates about trading Cano for a top pitcher. Chad Billingsley, Matt Cain, and Zack Greinke are all mentioned. I doubt this will happen. Cano couldn't get any of these guys. Trading Cano is a popular idea though and Orlando Hudson could be a potentially solid replacement.

  • He believes the Yankees will offer Abreu arbitration. They`d be idiots not to. He`ll probably decline and give them two draft picks. If he accepts they can just move Nady to first base. That's not exactly the worst thing in the world. I`d take Abreu on a one year deal.

Sherman than goes on to complain about Giambi and say he should be gone to. The only problem with this brilliant plan by Sherman is that we don't have a first baseman. Unless Abreu accepts arbitration then I think they need to bring Giambi back on a 2 year deal. He`s been one of the only people hitting on this team even with his recent slumps. Then if Victorino or someone similar this team would be in perfect position to reclaim the division.