Saturday, August 30, 2008

Last Game

Today I was at the game and it was be my last game at the Old Yankee Stadium. The Yankees are already done and with Boston cruising to a victory over Chicago they will probably be seven games out by tomorrow.

For the first few innings things looked great with A-Rod and Giambi both getting RBI's. Rasner pitched brilliantly but stayed in one inning to long and got hurt by an error by Cano. Girardi then made the same mistake with Bruney the next inning. My own complaint with Girardi is that he tends to leave relievers in for more than one inning and its hurt them this year. The ninth was also a dissapointment. A-Rod and Ransom both drilled the ball right at guys. It was easy to let this one go though. They`re done anyway and it was a fun back and forth game.


Charlie said...

I was at the game as well

pretty hard loss

where you you sitting?

I have saturday home game season tickets on the 3rd base ground side