Wednesday, September 3, 2008


We all know the season's just about over but their's still a few reasons to watch the games. One is to see if Mike Mussina will get to 20 wins. Although its a next to meaningless stat, the writers who vote for the Hall of Fame value it highly. Having his first 20 win season at Mussina's age would go a long way for his chances.

A-Rod and Nady both hit HR's. Nady's seemed like it hit the ceiling of Tropicana Field and A-Rod's tied Mike Schmidt. Is A-Rod the best player to ever play third base? His next HR will give him the most by anyone who has spent significant time at the position.

Joba looked good in his inning and a third as well.


bigbadwolf said...

Joba will start next season in the rotation. Arod sucks and has hurt every team he has played for. Yes, hopefully Moose will get his first 20 win season.qusxd

Mike NYY said...

Before anybody else replies to this guy I want to make a few notes.

I encountered this person on a forum called Baseball Fever. He has a theory called the "Win Method." Basically it means whoever wins the most is the best player. Basically, what this means is David Eckstein is better than A-Rod. This does not consider salary either.

Every thread on this forum degenerated into a circuitous argument about the "Win Method." Eventually he was banned for questionable reasons. I see some value in the "Win Method" and what he had to share however I mainly disagree with him and was frustrated by his insistence on dragging every thread down the same path.

Feel free to respond. However, I just wanted to let people know about this. Thank you for reading my rant.

Mike NYY said...

Joba will not start next year in the rotation. Its been reported several places.

I disagree on A-Rod but I won't get into this same old argument (BBW was eventually banned for "trashing" A-Rod which I have to admit is a questionable reason for banning him).

Obviously I agree on this.

Nate said...

Anyone who thinks David Eckstein is better than A-Rod should not be allowed to watch baseball.