Friday, September 5, 2008

Deadspin Interview

Rick Chandler over at Deadspin was kind enough to lend some of his time to answer a few questions for us. Here they are:

1.) What do you think was the main cause of the Yankees woes this year?

Besides Giambi shaving his mustache? I'd point to the pre-game buffet. Due to new MLB restrictions, no longer is HGH provided with the waffles. Also injuries, which come to think of it, again could be due to lack of steroids. I also think it could be time to come to grips with the fact that -- however incredible this may seem -- Joe Torre may have known what he was doing. And how did they not get Manny? This isn't beginning well, is it?

2.) Who do you think is the best team in baseball?

Last week I would have said the Cubs. But then Zambrano's arm fell off (Know who caught it? Steve Bartman! Weird!). Despite the fact that the Rays have the best record in baseball, I'm going to go with the Angels. To me it's been a foregone conclusion that they're going to win it all. West coast, represent.

3.) Who made the best move before the trade deadline this year.

Best single move: Dodgers with Manny, especially since they're not even paying his salary. Best moves overall: Yankees. Xavier Nady, Damaso Marte ... and Ivan Rodriguez for Kyle Farnsworth was inspired greatness. 

4.) Who is your AL and NL MVP?

NL: Will Leitch has paid me to say Albert Pujols. Between you and me though, it's Ryan Howard. AL: Carlos Quentin.

5.) Who is your AL and NL Rookie of the Year?

Can I show some Royals love with Mike Aviles? NL: Um, Fukudome?

6.) Who is your Al and NL Cy Young winners?

AL is Cliff Lee, hands down. In the NL I'm going with Tim Lincecum. I strongly suspect that both are robots from the future ... Lee concludes every interview with suspicious questions about Sarah Connor. Which brings up this point: Where would the Indians and Giants be without these guys? Answer: They'd be demoted to a lower league, like in European soccer.

7.) Which teams do you think are going to make it to the World Series?

Um, Angels and ... wait for it ... Mets. Yeah, sorry. My belief is that there are always cosmic forces at work evening out events in the universe, and after last season's epic late-season crash and burn, fate owes one to the Mets.  

8.) Which of those two teams will win it all?

I think that in the end the California Angels of Anaheim in Los Angeles County near Fullerton will hoist the dangerous, pointy World Series trophy. Rally monkey will celebrate by gorging himself on bananas and blow.  

9.) Who do you think is the most promising Yankee prospect?

My prediction of greatness for Ian Kennedy seems to have hit a snag. Austin Jackson and Jose Tabata, I suppose. My coverage of the minors skews more toward weird promotions, like the Altoona Curve's Frivolous Lawsuit Night.

10.) Do you think they should bring Cashman back?

I don't see how Cashman gets his reputation as a bad dealmaker. He brought in Jeter and Rodriguez, Giambi, Joba, all those guys. He restocked the minors with good talent. He got rid of David Wells, which is probably the most impressive of all. Plus he makes an avocado dip fit for the Gods.

11.) Overall how do you think Hank and Hal are running the team?

Hank and Hal always remind me of Big Enos and Little Enos from Smokey and the Bandit. Hal is always dragging out his money clip and signing Jason Giambi, and then hiring Jerry Reed to pick him up and deliver him by semi in less than 72 hours. But actually Yankee Stadium is more like Cuba. One day we woke up and Raul was in charge. As with all dictatorships, it's the people who suffer most.

Funny stuff. Thanks again for your time Rick!