Saturday, September 13, 2008

Free Agent Starters Ranked

While thinking about the Mussina/Pettitte scenario I decided to rank the free agent starting pitchers by 2008 FIP. Its a really quick and dirty way of doing it though so don't take it to seriously.

Type A:

Sabathia (2.96)
Sheets (3.23)
Lowe (3.32)
Mussina (3.44)
Burnett (3.57)
Pettitte (3.66)
Perez (4.84)

Pettitte doesnt stack up that well but considering he`ll come on a one year deal he`s not a bad option. However, Mussina is actually ahead of Burnett. Considering Burnett is having a career year that`s pretty good. Derek Lowe being so high is surprising.