Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Joel Sherman is saying the Yankees will probably let both Abreu and Giambi go. I`ve been a big supporter of seeing Abreu go and I`m coming around to the idea of seeing Giambi leave as well. It means they will acquire either a first baseman or a corner outfielder and move Matsui or Damon to first base. This would cut 37 million dollars off the payroll.

I have no interest in a long term commitment to Texiera. He won't be getting his ten year deal but I could see some team giving him seven or eight years which is still ridiculous.

Adam Dunn is to much of a defensive liability at first base or even in left-field. Besides, he`s not as good a hitter as this next guy and will probably require more years.

This next guy is the best hitter available, he`s been consistent for years, he has experience in the AL East, and probably won't need more than 3 years. I`m talking about Manny Ramirez of course. 207 was the first year he`s had an EQA below .300 since 1994 when he was 22 and played in 91 games. He had an EQA of .292 that year and .297 in 2007. Damon can play left, Matsui can move to first, and Manny can be the full-time DH.

This solves our offensive problems perfectly and can Matsui really be much worse at first base than Giambi? Both he and Damon has volunteered for it. Please post any thoughts in the comments section.


Andrea said...

noooooo Manny. I'd rather Teixeira. At least he's younger. And not disgusting.

I'm down with losing Giambi. I'm pretty indifferent about Abreu. If they can find someone better, go for it. If not, he's not a bad player. He's not the best, but not the worst either.

Charlie said...

No Manny

(he's an idiot ass hole who will wanna be traded 2 weeks into the season)

No Tex

((he wants more money than God and Bill Gates put together) and a long contract)


He is country strong!

Anonymous said...

No way Dunn. He's a K machine and defensive liability. Luke warm on Manny but it's has it's merits. On the plus side he would have a lot of chances/season to hurt Boston and that's got some value.

I'd keep Abreu as long as nothing better is available. I'm sure he can be had on a 1+1 deal or worst case 2 years with a team option on the 3rd.

Anonymous said...

20 million a year for 7 year is a big contract, but the yankees aren't going to get that many chances to add a heathly 169 ops+ guy, so long as the yankees have money to fill the other holes then he is worth it.

Jack said...

lets set aside our personal emotions, who`s the best hitter available? Manny is an even better hitter than Tex and even more so than Dunn.

Dunn just doesn't make any sense. Manny is a better hitter and realy about the same as a fielder. What looks better? 3 years for Manny or five years for Dunn?

Mike NYY said...

Tex should get a 7-8 year deal that will take him through until he`s in his lat 30's. The contract is sure to be backloaded, how will it look paying 25 million for Mark Texiera when he`s over 35 and can;t play the field anymore? Those types of deals should be reserved for those truly elite players.

Dunn is a guy I love but Manny is just plain better. Both of them are terrible fielders and basically DH's so it comes down who`s the better hitter. Look at the numbers. Its Manny and its not really all that close. Manny also comes on a shorter deal.

Again, I think Dunn is an underrated player and an amazing player but Manny is better.

Anonymous said...

so what if Manny is an idiot? He hits

Nate said...

Exactly. Im against signing Manny because he'll probably want about four years, which I don't really want to give to a 37 year old, but no doubt he's the best hitter on the market. Regarding Dunn, I don't see what's wrong with a .380-.400 OBP and 40 homers EVERY YEAR.