Monday, September 22, 2008


Last night was just about perfect. The ceremonies were fantastic although the interviews began to get redundant after a while.

The game also went just as planned. Pettitte wasn't at his best but he battled for five innings and handed the ball to a bullpen. It ended with Rivera, as expected. After the game he said he was more excited for this game than any World Series or All Star game he pitched.

After the game the players looked about as happy and excited as I`d ever seen them as they took a lap around the stadium. Jeter's brief speech was also a nice touch as he padded our (the fans) egos a bit.

I`m sad to see the old stadium go and if I had the choice it wouldn't be coming down. However, one day, I may be able to go to a game with my son or daughter, walk over to the public field that Yankee Stadium turns into, and have a catch in the same place Alex Rodriguez and Derek Jeter once played. I think I`ve made my peace with the new field.