Sunday, September 7, 2008


Nate and I are both big Jets fan and today is the start of a new season for Gang Green. This season is looking good by the great off-season moves especially acquiring Brett Favre and the improved offensive line. The Jets start the season facing the rebuilding Dolphins in Miami. Farve is going up against former Jet and power arm QB Chad Pennington. This is a must win for the Jets because if the can't beat Miami who can they beat. 


Natalie Marshall said...

Week One Here we go! I am so psyched for today! My boyfriend and I got a 12 pack of Bud Light Lime and have Pizza Hut coming in less than an hour!!!

-Natalie Marshall

Charlie said...

Sounds like a Party. I have 2 huge bags of pretzels. A Jets victory is the only thing that will appease me

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bfadds said...

Guys, I'm all about the start also! I'll have a live commentary over at JETS FRET. Keep it up and LETS GO JETS (what a play action by Favre... by the way).

Charlie said...

that was awesome!!!

Mike NYY said...

Sorry to break up the monopoly guys but I`m a Giants fan :D

Congrats to all Jets fans though.

Charlie said...

Just as long as your not an arrogant Giants fan we don't mind them

you don't seem arrogant so we will let you slide :)

Mike NYY said...

I try to resist the temptation ;)

Anonymous said...

gmen baby super bowl champs gmen the Jets!

Charlie said...

see mike

that right there is a arrogant Giants fan

dont become that