Monday, September 1, 2008

Minor League Notes

I have been in Massachusetts this weekend with my Red Sox fan relatives and I can honestly say that the Red Sox have the single most brainwashed fanbase out of any team in any sport. Anyway, here is some minor league news from when I was gone:
  • Alan Horne has a torn rotator cuff. The injury is not as bad as it sounds, and rehab should not take as long as it usually does for this type of injury. It is unclear when this injury happened, but Horne has had arm troubles all year, and it is probable that this has played a part. This has been a lost season for Horne, as he was expected to see major league time this season, but instead only threw 39 innings between Scranton and Tampa.
  • Phil Hughes and Humberto Sanchez will see time in the Arizona Fall League this year. Both pitchers have big ceilings, but have struggled with injuries this season, and will be going to the AzFL to build up inning totals. Austin Jackson and Kevin Russo will also represent the Yankees in the AzFL. The Yankees still have three more spots to fill.


Mike NYY said...

Bad year for Horne. I wonder if Aceves has passed him as a prospect.

Anonymous said...

Who has more value Kennedy or Horne?

Nate said...

I would say right now Kennedy has more value, mainly based on pedigree (former first rounder), but Horne may have a higher ceiling if he can get healthy and improve his control. Regardless, trading either one this offseason would be a mistake as it would be selling low.