Friday, September 5, 2008

More Rankings

Eddie Bajek at Tigers Thoughts has updated his site to add rankings for NL starters. A couple notes:

  • Sabathia and Sheets are unsurprisingly type A's. I think its important for the Yankees to sign one of these with Burnett as a solidly far back Plan C.
  • Oliver Perez and Kyle Lohse are both somehow Type A's. Perez I never had interest in. However, Lohse being a type A dissapoints me. I liked him but he`s not worth a first round pick.
  • Derek Lowe being a Type B is very interesting. I`ve written on my old blog about him and I was hoping he might be available at the trade deadline. Although he was roughed up the last time he was in the AL East he had a high BABIP that year. He should be a top target next year for the Yankees if Pettitte chooses to leave. Heck, he might even be an upgrade over Pettitte.
  • None of the other free agents are very interesting.