Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Jon Heyman is reporting that Sabathia does not want to play for the Yankees. This is not the first time we`ve heard something to that effect. I`m dissapointed by this situation. I`d be very surprised to see them get the ace pitcher. I see Ben Sheets as a much more realistic option at this point. I`d certainly be happy with this rotation:

1) Wang
2) Sheets
3) Mussina
4) Joba
5) Hughes/Pettitte

If we have to settle for Burnett though or fail to get even him we may need to work out a trade. As I`ve stated before, Damon is a candidate to be traded. With a few prospects (short of Jackson or Hughes) he might be able to bring in a good starter.

I`m worried about the rotation though. With Joba starting the year in the bullpen I don't know how they`re going to pull this off. A lot will become clearer early on when Pettitte/Mussina make their decisions.


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