Friday, September 26, 2008

Yankees Free Agents

The first part of the offseason is usually figuring out who will come back, who will leave, and who will get arbitration. So lets take a look at the Yankees coming free agents with their FA ranking and current annual salary.
  • Bobby Abreu- Type A- 16 million- Abreu has been great since being traded to the Yankees. However, I think its time for him to go. He doesn't hit well enough to merit letting Giambi go and moving Damon/Matsui to first base and unless they do that their's no room for him. They should offer him arbitration and take their draft picks. If he surprises everyone and accepts its a dissapointment but not a disaster. Abreu for one year really isn't that bad.
  • Jason Giambi- Type B- 22 million (5 million buyout, option for 22 million)- Giambi`s a tough decision for me. He`s been one of the Yankees best hitters this year. They also may get a big discount on him. He really seems to love New York. I would prefer Mark Texiera but only if they can get him on a 6 year deal or shorter which seems unlikely. I would also like to see Manny Ramirez signed and Matsui or Damon moved to first base. However, Manny's contract demands are also a concern. I think Giambi on a short deal is a better option than Adam Dunn and ultimately I think he will be back on a two year deal for about 11 million a year. I would not offer Giambi arbitration or resign him before making runs at Texiera and Manny.
  • Andy Pettitte- Type A- 16 million- Its looking more and more like Pettitte will return which is a good thing. For him its either the Yankees or retirement. He wants to come back and he`ll probably get a one year deal but not for as much as he earns now. They need him to fill out the rotation. He`s not a fantastic option at this point but he`s a solid innings eater who got a little unlucky this year. Again, I think he`ll be back and I`d like to see him return.
  • Mike Mussina- Type A- 11 million- We`re hearing conflicting reports about whether he wants to return or not. He`s had a great year and he`s reinvented himself so he can keep pitching well past where we expected him to retire. If he returns he should get a raise and either a one or two year deal. For him its the Yankees or retirement. Its critical to get both Pettitte and Mussina back.
  • Damaso Marte- Type A- 7 million (option)- He was a dissapoinment. When he came over in the Nady trade he was expected to be an anchor at the back of the bullpen and a lefty specialist. Phil Coke has basically stolen his job but Marte is still important. The Yankees should (and probably will) decline Marte's option and offer him arbitration to get draft picks for him. He`ll decline arbitration becuase he can get a multi-year deal elsewhere. If he accepts its hardly the end of the world.
  • Carl Pavano- Unranked- 11 million (option)- We all know about this guy. I had previously considered bringing him back on an incentive based contract but after his last start I`ve really given up on him.
  • Ivan Rodriguez- Type B- 10 million- Another big dissapointment. He was projected to be a Type A when he came over but he`s played so poorly he`s a Type B now. The question si whether or not to offer him arbitration. Will he want a multi-year deal and a starting job badly enough that he declines arbitration? At this stage in his career I think so and it might be worth gambling on offering it to him. If he accepts then the Yankees have enough money to pay his 10 million and he`s a very good backup.

This plan brings back (probably) Pettitte, (hopefully) Mussina, and (maybe) Giambi. It adds two first round draft picks and three sandwhich round draft picks. It also clears up around 50 million dollars off the payroll. Thoughts?