Wednesday, October 1, 2008

And Mike Endorses....

The Cubs!

I`m going to be rooting for the Cubs this year in the playoffs. Lets be honest, don't you kind of feel bad for Cubs fans? They`re the last of the teams with a really, really long streak of years without a championship. Boston won and the White Sox won. Now only the Cubs are left.

For some reason I find the White Sox really annoying. Ozzie Guillen is just a moron who was lucky enough to get a great group of players in 2005. If he wins a World Series people will begin considering him for the Hall of Fame. That would be a tragedy for me.

Although I respect the Angels they always kill the Yankees. I`ll root for them in the first round against Boston but that`s it.

The Red Sox are evil incarnate ;). I`m actually rooting for the Angels to beat them.

Tampa would be my next pick after the Cubs but their fans don't deserve a World Series. They don't come the games even now.

I have nothing against the Phillies but nothing for them either. Same thing basically for the Brewers.

I really don't feel like hearing about how Joe Torre went to another team and won a championship proving the Yankees wrong, so that rules the Dodgers out.


Mike The Great said...

I was surprised with what the Dodgers did to the Cubbies. Deja vu for Lou Pinella from last year.