Wednesday, October 1, 2008

But the 8th inning!!!!!111!!!

Just heard on WFAN from Cashman that Joba will start for all of 2009.

I`m really happy about this. When I first heard about the Yankees plan to repeat what they did in 2008 with Joba I was dissapointed. Now we have two slots in the rotation filled.


Peter Lacock said...

Andy & Moose will both be back to open the new stadium so that's 4. Hughes is 5. CC would be 6 if we can get him. (We need 7).
The bullpen is strong. Melancon will get a chance to set up MO. Bruney R and Marte L (or Fuentes L) would be an option. Plus a few other guys, Robertson et al, that could surprise. Not to mention Veras who could do it if he can find consistent control. Joba should start if for no other reason than, he wants it. Let him prove it one way or the other to himself and everyone else.

Mike said...

i`m not so sure about Moose. i think one of the two will be back. But not sure about more

Charlie said...

cashman says moose is leaning towards retirement

Peter Lacock said...

Don't let the rhetoric fool you. Moose wants 300. Winning 20 this year and getting to 270 is too close to pass up. He might get in the HOF but he's no lock, not yet. He's healthy. He might be the 1st P to take the mound next April 19. He knows once he retires there's no going back. Would you walk away? I wouldn't. Neither will he. He just needs to OK it with his family and decide if he wants a 2 or 3 year contract.

Now Andy, he has to play with pain. He might call it quits because of it but he wants to pitch across the street too bad. His family likes NY. We need a L SP. Count him in.