Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cano for Cain?

I just read this article on NoMaas, in which Lane Meyer makes the case for a trade of Robinson Cano to San Francisco for Matt Cain. I strongly recommend reading the article, because Lane makes a very interesting case, and says it much better than I can. To summarize, Cain is a young, durable, talented young arm under control for the next three years. I love Cano, but this trade does seem to make a lot of sense. The only question I would have about a trade like this is whether or not this would be selling low on Cano, considering he is coming off such a poor year. However, I think Cain is a good bounty for Cano, even if last year had never happened. Considering there is a replacement availible on the free agent market in Orlando Hudson, I think this trade is both realistic and beneficial for both teams.


Mike NYY said...

I agree. The probably with trading for Peavy is that his contract (although below market value) could prevent them from signing FA's as well.

Cain is actually cheaper than Cano so their is no conflict there. It would take a bit more than just Cano though. Maybe throw in two of our lesser prospects (Kennedy and Aceves?). Perhaps they`d have some interest in Brett Gardner? Anyone outside of Jackson, Melancon, Joba, Hughes, or Montero would be available. Possibly Brackman would be in that group as well.

Then we can sign Orlando Hudson for second base and still have enough money for a first baseman and another pitcher if Pettitte or Mussina don't come back or they demand long-term deals.

If you wanna dream....

1) Sabathia
2) Cain
3) Wang
4) Joba
5) Mussina/Pettitte

That can go toe to toe with Boston or Tampa.

The only problem is that Cain is unavailable and it is total speculation on the part of Nomaas but we can dream right?

Jack said...

No, don't trade away our prospects for a guy who walks as many as he does.

jllive said...

hadn't really thought about Cain with all the Peavy hype. Losing Cano may hurt in the long run, but we've fallen way behind Boston and Tampa in the pitching dept. I say make it happen.

Nate said...

I wouldn't give them Brackman, and probably not even Kennedy, as well as Cano for Cain. Probably the only additional players that would be added in a deal like this would be marginal guys.

Joey B. said...

Cano has a ton of potential but lets be realistic here, Cain is an absolute stud pitcher who`s under team control for nothing for years.

Mike NYY said...

I have to say I`d be very reluctant to do Cano+Brackman. However, Kennedy would be fair game.