Thursday, October 2, 2008


Going into the offseason one of the Yankees biggest problems to adress will be the hole in centerfield. I was hoping Melky Cabrera could fill the hole and back in April it looked like he would. However, he dropped off and now seems to be a failure. Brett Gardner stepped in to finish the year in centerfield, however, does anyone really trust him and Melky for next year? The offense is getting old and they can't afford to have holes in the lineup. So they can either stick with Gardner/Cabrera, sign a free agent, or trade for a guy. I`ve already said I don't like the first option and the free agent market looks pretty barren. Mike Cameron is the best guy available and he`s a huge injury risk.

So, they`re probably going to have to trade for somebody. Nate McLouth, Matt Kemp, and David DeJesus have all been suggested.

Matt Kemp would be great to get. Cano for Kemp rumors were suggested at the trade deadline and now they`ve been revived. However, they seem unlikely to me. Besides, I`m not sure I`d be willing to give up Cano and other prospects for Kemp.

David DeJesus and Nate McLouth are much better options. They`re not great fielders, however, they can hold their own and, hopefully, Austin Jackson can bump them over to right or left field in 2010. Neither are to old and both are cheap.

Could Kennedy, Wright, Gardner, and Britton get a deal done for either of them? They would be getting two potential starters, an immediate replacement in centerfield, and a solid reliever who, for whatever reason, will never get a shot with the Yankees. I`m just speculating right now and I`d love any thoughts on this trade proposal in the comments section, even if you think I`m a ridiculous homer.


Peter Lacock said...

AJAX will be up at some point next year and if he performs well he stays. It seems to me that Gardner did enough in Sept to be the CF and be groomed to take over for Damon at the top of the lineup in a year or so. That's how you develop players. It takes years.
Gardner (25) is better than DeJesus (29-not a true CF) right now. McLouth (26) has more power but Gardner should be able to top him at everything else. I guess it depends what you want, a power hitter or the better defender-base stealer? I would add that McLouth never did much before this year. It's pretty straight up. Maybe throw in Britton.
It seems unlikely you sign a guy for 4 yrs + 2 options and then give up on him. Cano isn't going anywhere unless they can get someone like Billingsley.
On the surface it sounds senseless for LAD to trade Kemp either but maybe they have some hot shot CF in the minors they think can get them in the playoffs next year.
Kennedy (23) and even Chase Wright (25) are too young to give up on and too talented to give away as throw-ins on a trade. They were rushed. Pitchers have a lot to learn and need many reps. Mariano Rivera sucked until he was 26. I'd like to hear what Nardi Contreras thinks of them.
Melky is a child (24) that needs to learn plate discipline. Don't be surprised if they give him another year to develop. Bernie Williams was 27 and in his 5th season before he figured it out.
Remember younger, more athletic, cheaper, build from within. All us spoiled Yankee fans (and NY gossip writers) have to think differently. I don't see all kinds of big changes. Teixeira fits if we can get him. Bolster the starting pitching. That's about it. We have a bunch of talented minor league pitchers that will be subject to rule 5, it would be nice to work out some trades to thin that herd.