Saturday, October 18, 2008

Heyman's Notes

Jon Heyman has a handful of Yankees rumors in his latest column.

He states that (obviously) the Yankees will be aiming for at least one top of the rotation starter. He mentions the obvious names, Sabathia, Lowe, Burnett, and perhaps Sheets. He also confirms that the goal is to get two of them.

Texiera will be a big target this year. I don't like this at all. The contract length scares me. He mentions Manny Ramirez as a backup plan. However, that contradicts Cashman's staement that he wants a first baseman at first base. I would prefer Manny to Texiera but I don't like him either. I was dissapointed that Adam Dunn was not mentioned. Giambi is probably gone.

They`re looking for an upgrade in centefield, presumably through trading. He mentions Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy, although I doubt Hughes would be dealt for a centerfielder.