Sunday, October 5, 2008

Jake Peavy?

Ken Davidoff thinks Jake Peavy could be traded to the Yankees.

At first glance its exciting, but then I started thinking about what it would take to get him. Peavy is an ace who is under a relatively short contract, his salary is low considering how good he is, and he`s not a free agent for a few more years. To get Peavy it would take something like Hughes, Cano, Jackson, and Kennedy. The Yankees can't afford to make a deal like that. They have to many holes to focus all of their prospects on one guy, no matter how good. Another factor to consider is the limit on how many Type A free agents you can sign. I think this year its two.

Unless both Pettitte and Mussina re-sign and they sign a free agent starter, Hughes will probably be the Yankees 5th starter. Hughes is still the guy who was considered among the best prospects in baseball a year or two ago. Besides, trading for Peavy doesn't affect the need to sign either Sabathia or Lowe.

Cano's value is at its lowest right now. However, his potential is impossible to ignore. His contract is still favorable to the Yankees if he performs the way he should. He`s a great fielder and we all know about his hitting potential. His new batting stance may help him regain his form. If he`s traded they have no middle infield prospects who could come up any time soon to take his place. They`ll need to sign a guy like Orlando Hudson who`s old and an injury risk. Right away that`s your two Type A free agents.

Jackson is hopefully the Yankees future centerfielder. Some think he may be ready by August of 2009. I think this may be a bit optimistic. However, I do have high hopes for him. If the Yankees make this trade it also makes it very hard to make another trade for a centerfielder. Do you really want to go into the year relying 100 percent on Melky Cabrera and Brett Gardner? They would also have no other long term option in sight.

Kennedy's ceiling is still only a #3 or #4 guy. He obviously isn't ready yet either. I think he has a much better chance of succeding in the NL, particularly in Petco. He`s not a big loss for the Yankees. However, he adds depth and is a valuable trade chip.

On top of all of this you are unable to sign a guy like Adam Dunn or Manny Ramirez to help out with the LF/1B/DH mess. The Yankees only need one of Jackson/Cano/Hughes to fulfill their potential to justify not making the trade. I had the same problem with the Santana trade. In general, blockbuster trades for guys like Peavy or Santana is a mistake.


Peter Lacock said...

Can't see Dunn at all. He's strong but nothing else. His batting avg is low, he K's (WOW) too much, he's slow and a poor (DH only) fielder.
Can't see Manny either. He's a great hitter and it would piss off Boston fans but he's a circus, too old & expensive, don't think he wants it, he'd have to cut his dreads.
The simple/best solution to 1B is Teixeira. Cash & Hal will try to get him but little else can be done with the everyday lineup until his status is resolved one way or the other.

Anonymous said...

I agree totally

Mike NYY said...

The deal would be to long. Otherwise, I`d love Texiera. I moving to Dunn over Manny.

Dunn can handle first base and he hits. His OBP is high and he hits for power.

Charlie said...

good job on this one Mike!