Monday, October 13, 2008

Mike Cameron

I`m usually against signing players that are as likely to get hurt as Mike Cameron. However, I thinnk he would be a very good signing if they can't trade for a centerfielder. Cameron is a good hitter for a centerfielder and though its declined, his defense is still above average. Brett Gardner and Austin Jackson both should probably get some major league time anyway so his potential injury isn't a HUGE deal. I doubt he`ll cost much either because of his injury history.

I`d greatly prefer a trade for a guy like David DeJesus. However, Cameron is a better option than trusting Brett Gardner and Melky Cabrera.


Jack said...

No other choice really

Anonymous said...

how many years will he want?

Nate said...

I bet we could get him on a one year deal, two at the most. However the Brewers first need to decline his option, which is for $10 million. I think this will happen, but I'm sorry if I misled anyone before saying he was a free agent. I didn't realize there was an option.