Sunday, October 5, 2008

Yankees Have Plenty Of Holes To Fill

Recently on this blog, we have been talking about impending free agents who the Yankees may or may not go after. The Yankees have a lot of players leaving who they need to replace, and should be busy this offseason. Here is an overview of where they stand this offseason:
C- Jorge
2B- Cano
3B- A-Rod
SS- Jeter
LF- Damon
RF- Nady
DH- Matsui

SP- Wang, Joba

I don't think there are any holes in the bullpen that can't be filled internally, so I didn't list it. The Yankees have said that Jorge will be able to catch 120 games next year, so until there is evidence to the contrary, I will assume that the Yankees do not need another catcher. Later in the week, I will go over possible ways to fill the holes at first, center, right, and in the rotation.


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't Nady be in right?

Nate said...

yeah nady slipped my mind momentarily

Charlie said...

fixed it for you