Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Another Yankees v Red Sox Bidding War

Kat O'Brien  has the latest news on A.J. Burnett. The Jays already offered 4 years $54 mill to Burnett. Now the Red Sox and Yankees are going to bid against each other for this injury bound lefty. The Yankees are expected to make an opening bid of at most 4 years 80 million.

Now this just seems silly to me. This guy, Burnett, averages less than 150 innings per season over the last 9 years. Shesh, it seems to me if we sign him, The Yankees would be paying a buttload of money for a guy to sit on the DL. He does have ace material but the injuries just bring him down. He is already 32 extending any pitcher this age for 4 more years is nuts. I'm with NoMaas on this one:


Mike NYY said...

We at the Chuck Knoblog give full credit for this picture's design to the geniuses at nomaas.org

Charlie said...

Yep that is why I said I am with NoMaas on this one!!!

Give them some credit

Mike NYY said...

Signing this guy would be on a Barry Zito level of stupid.