Thursday, November 20, 2008

Coco Crisp to Royals

Our good friends up in Boston traded Coco Crisp for Ramon Ramirez from the Royals as you may or may not know.

I really think we need a new centerfielder and this may allow the Royals to trade David DeJesus. Crisp will probably be their starting centerfielder, Jose Gullen will be their left-fielder, Mike Jacobs will play first, and Billy Butler will be their DH. The question is, who plays left? Mark Teahen or David DeJesus? My guess is that one will be traded. The Yankees have a need for a centerfielder and this article suggests that the Royals will be looking for relievers. The Yankees could probably deal away a reliever or two and be fine.

I doubt Marte would be involved in this because he was just signed and he`s a little pricy for the Royals. However, their might be a match here.


Yankeesguy said...

Im thinking the Yankees are going to stick with Gardner as their starting CF. If he hits anything like he did in September I bet he can bat .250 and steal 30 bases in 2009. Ok he wont hit any homeruns but I think the Yankees will be able to produce that elsewhere with Nady,A-Rod,Swisher,Posada,Matsui and Damon all likely to hit at least 20-25 each.