Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dodgers Withdraw Deal to Man-Ram

The Dodgers withdrew their two year 45 Mil offer to Manny today. Manny, of course, does not know what is going on and is spending his off-season doing who knows what. Now Manny is out on the open market but the Dodgers are not out of the sweepstakes yet. The Dodger GM, Ned Colletti had this to say:
"We still have an interest in him," said Colletti."It's like any other free-agent negotiation now. Now they'll have a chance to hear what other clubs are willing to pay and for how long."
Manny in pinstripes? I can't see it happening but the Yankees have shown some interest in the Man-Ram. I would have no problem with Manny becoming a Bronx Bomber but I think he will be resigned by the Dodgers because the fans will riot in the streets if he is not.


Mike NYY said...

I dont see this happening with the Swisher trade. I think they only would have signed Manny if they got desperate and now they`re not.